What is Calmistry?
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Don’t let dental anxiety and discomfort prevent you from getting the regular dental work you need for overall good health. Find comfort and confidence before and during your dental procedure with the revolutionary new CalmistrySM instructional program.

Imagine finally overcoming your fear of dental work …

The Calmistry program – presented on CD with an accompanying booklet – provides medically-proven tools and techniques you can learn and use forever to overcome the anxiety you currently associate with dental treatment.

Using guided relaxation, visualization, and gentle but powerful affirmations, Calmistry helps create a peaceful, resourceful internal state that you can access anytime – even at the dentist’s office! Follow the program at your own pace; listen at home or at the office. It’s completely safe, and absolutely drug-free (a great alternative or accompaniment to sedation dentistry).

My experience at the dentist was altered completely after listening to the cd a few times. I was able to breath deeply while the dentist worked on me whereas I usually hold my breath until I have to signal him for a break. I am sure my being so much more relaxed helped my dentist finish more quickly without my “breathing breaks”. I also find the cd helps me to generally relax whenever I listen to it.

—Mary A., Staten Island, NY

Calmistry is a safe, effective solution from renowned experts in dentistry and wellness!

The Calmistry program was developed by Kerry P. Gillespie, MS, and Robert Korwin DMD MAGD, who originally used the same techniques on a patient of Dr. Korwin’s who suffered from dental anxiety but for whom sedation dentistry was not an option.

Mr. Gillespie, author of the Calmistry program, is director of the Center for Complementary Medicine at Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). He has worked extensively with the Center for Complementary Medicine’s Smoking Cessation Program, as well as SIUH’s Nalitt Institute for Cancer. Mr. Gillespie is the creator/author of The Relax Line, (718) 226-CALM (2256), and inventor of “A Calm Shell,” a relaxation aid.

Dr. Korwin, co-developer of the Calmistry program, is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (MAGD) with more than two decades of experience as a reconstructive general dentist. He holds three dental patents and is an accomplished inventor, published author, instructor for several dentistry schools, and a member of numerous professional dental associations.

Dr. Korwin’s practice, Robert Korwin DMD PA, which specializes in restorative and cosmetic dental procedures made exceptionally comfortable and pleasant for the patient, is uniquely suited to assist those who use the Calmistry program, offering gentle, high-quality dental care that further reduces a patient’s potential for experiencing anxiety.

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Schedule your next dental visit with complete peace of mind.

You can feel good about going to the dentist! In just 25 minutes a day, our Calmistry CD will give you the confidence you need to receive quality dental care and move toward a happier, healthier life.

Leave dental anxiety behind—get your copy of Calmistry today!

Catch up on the dental treatment you’ve been putting off. Eliminate the worry and fear that has held you back from taking care of your health. You can do it. The innovative Calmistry program and the team at Robert Korwin DMD PA will guide you every step of the way!

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